The Order of the Seven Hands

When colonization of the Arkwild first began, entire cities and even a kingdom were founded on devotion to the Highest, those brave heroes who fought evil and chaos in the First Age and ascended to godhood within the Myth. Those places and those fervent believers remain, but they never gained the influence or power they had hoped. Those who follow in the footsteps of those original mercenaries now serve the Order of the Seven Hands, faithful and vigilant seekers of justice who protect the good and devout from the evils in the wild places between cities. Paladins, clerics, and monks most often join become Seven Hands, but all are welcome; the Order has evolved into what is primarily a military organization devoted to divine law and justice.

The Order doesn’t have much influence anywhere on the frontier, and they are seeking to change that in various areas. One of those areas is the Sumber Hills of the Dessarin Valley. The Hills are home to the Knights of Samular, a venerable order of paladins who broke away from the Order long ago. They remain true to the cause, however, and the Order hopes to bring the Knights back to the fold.

Additionally, the Order hopes to increase their political influence in the area by establishing alliances with local leaders who share its goals, such as the Waterbaron of Yartar. Politics is not the Order’s strongest talent, however, and so they will work with anyone who helps their goals.

Pins and tabards featuring a sword surrounded by seven stars serve to identify members of the Order.

The Order of the Seven Hands

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