The Confederate Council

Agents of the Council serve the shaky alliance between the three “capitols” of the Confederacy: Quentos, northern Port Saltland, and southern Daigan. The three capitols work to maintain the mutual security and prosperity of all thirteen kingdoms of the Confederacy. Fighters and sorcerers are common among Council ranks, and gloryhounds and nobles alike often find a place working for the Council. Most are lawful or neutral – within the control of the capitols, those who don’t follow the rules seldom last long.

Trade along rivers and roads links the kingdoms of the Confederacy, so Council agents eliminate threats to that trade wherever they find it. However, while agents may serve the law, they are not typically guardsmen or any other form of law enforcement official. Low-ranking Council agents prove their worth in the places between settlements, where the Council’s laws hold less weight.

Located at the confluence of the Dessarin and Surbrin rivers, Yartar is a prosperous center of commerce. Various groups vie for control of its wealth and influence its trade. The Waterbaron of Yartar, Nestra Ruthiol, sees to the Council’s interests in the Valley, and her decisions affect the politics of the entire region.

Council agents can be identified by the badge they wear, a stylized three-pointed crown.

The Confederate Council

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