The Arkwild: The Forest at the Edge of the World

Since the First Age, the Arkwild has been called by many the heart of the world. The epics that have played out here have ended ages and ushered in new ones. It has become known as the Forest at the Edge of the World, but this name is not a reference to its location on any map. In ancient times, the Arkwild by another name was the homeland of a single, united race of elves. They discovered an artifact of immense arcane power, and this discovery fractured not the just the people, but the barrier between worlds. This massive woodland is now dotted with locations where the borders between worlds are so thin, once could easily step off the trail and find themselves lost in another realm. It is where Arkeir and its companion worlds in the inner planes meet.

Over the course of the last century, the outside world has once again turned its attention to the Arkwild, establishing colonies along the continent’s western shore. Now, New Arkadia works to unite these disparate kingdoms under a single banner and common goal, hoping to bring order and civilization to this shattered kingdom once more.

Elemental Evil on the Frontier

Resting in the northeaster corner of Confederacy lands, but outside the direct control of any member territory, the Dessarin Valley serves as a gateway to the northern frontier. The comforts of more civilized lands are rare here, but the land is nowhere near as lawless and wild as it was only a decade or two ago. Even the orcish hordes that constantly pillage Confederacy borders rarely turn their attention to this remote region.

Unknown to anyone inside or outside the Valley, a new threat rises in the form of four elemental cults. Among the slowly growing threat of bandits, river pirates, cultists, and strange knightly orders, four elemental cults have each claimed a stronghold of their own. Each of these strongholds links to a greater complex of caverns and tunnels that have been left forgotten beneath the Valley for centuries. And from within the heart of this complex, the Elemental Evil stirs, preparing to rain chaos and destruction on all of Arkeir.

The fate of the world now rests on the shoulders of the most haphazard collection of heroes ever assembled.

Arkeir: Princes of the Apocalypse